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Technical translation services

In a technical translation, we ensure that you receive a high-quality translation, performed by expert language professionals. We understand that there are times when urgency is needed in translating a text. That’s why we have various native speakers as translators who can start working on your assignment immediately. You can easily create an assignment on our translation platform. Prefer to speak to someone? Give us a call on +31 20 – 737 1668 or contact us via the quote form.

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Specific requirements for,
technical translation services.

Companies are increasingly opening offices around the world, resulting in different locations for production, research & development, and sales. Due to the language barrier between the various offices, a technical translation is necessary. Almost all our technically skilled language experts have a background in the engineering, medical, pharmaceutical or manufacturing industry.

Written for the end-user

The crux of technical translation services lies in the readability of the text. Simply Translate first identifies the reader audience of the text. It is a world of difference whether you give instructions to the end user or to technicians. If desired, our technical translators can work with terminology lists at your request or translate the text based on specific instructions. In this way, we, together with you, ensure a pleasantly readable text in, for example, German or English.

With urgency and accuracy

Large technical projects often involve tight deadlines. The essence of a correct and fast technical translation is of great importance here. Many technical companies entrust us with their technical translations, such as Stanley-Black & Decker and Boskalis. For urgent technical translations, we have special native translators who can perform under pressure. We are happy to contribute to achieving your ambitions, which is why we also work into the late hours.


Smart technology that is also user-friendly: there are only a few clicks between the quote and the translation.


A revolutionary platform built by translation experts to make the translation process easier for customers and translators.


Thanks to the cross-functions, you can make all kinds of handy links between platforms and the billing process is automatic.

Always help

Have a question in the middle of the night? No problem. Ask your question in an email or chat and our helpful experts will help you the next day.

Translating the Gate1 website into Spanish, Italian and Polish

Read in this case how we made the website of Gate1
accessible to millions of visitors at home and abroad.

Getting started with technical language experts

A technical masterpiece
to translate content

At Simply Translate, we make optimal use of technological aids to accelerate our translation process. Thanks to the synergy between our smart software, internal specialists, and language experts, we optimize technical translations. By using translation memories, we identify previously translated texts, such as fragments from manuals or regulations. This enables us to ensure consistency in the use of technical jargon.

Having helped more than 14,000 customers and collected their feedback, we can make a good estimate. When placing an order on our platform, expectations are already shared regarding speed. If you want our professionals to put in a few extra hours at night, please contact us so we can support you.

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