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High-quality translations wrapped in our smart translation platform

All your translation tasks in one overview. With just a few clicks, you become a professional project manager in the translation industry!


Smart technology that's also user-friendly: only a few mouse clicks stand between the price quote and the translation.


A revolutionary platform built by translation experts to simplify the translation process for both customers and translators.


Thanks to the crossfunctions, you can create all kinds of useful links between platforms and billing is automatic.

Always help

A question in the middle of the night? No problem. Ask your question via email or chat and our helpful experts will assist you the very next business day.

The functionalities of our platform
make your translation task even easier

The best content creators

Choose a service

We understand the power of AI like no one else and equally appreciate the power of people. When it comes to language, we know exactly when we complement each other well and when one of the two is not enough. Based on that thought, we offer a basic, pro or premium service.

In our basic translation service, we use AI based on machine learning, also known as neural machine translations. If you opt for pro, you have control and determine the outcome using parameters. Do you prefer a creative person located in your target group’s location? Then choose our premium service. All services are optionally available with a proofreader.

Always the right terms


A glossary ensures a consistent application of your terminology in all your texts. Whether it’s witty expressions that make your texts enjoyable, SEO keywords you’ve researched, or a specific slogan that cannot be freely translated. Store these terms in your glossary so they are always consistently used in your content.

You can manage this glossary yourself in our platform. If you change something, we’ll ensure behind the scenes that the translator gets an update and can make the adjustments. We equip the translators with the right software to effectively implement this and check whether everything has been carried out correctly. That way, you don’t have to worry about whether everything has been clearly communicated.

You’re in control

Translation webshop

We humans love (online) shopping, like to make decisions at our own pace, and want to know in advance what we’re getting into. This translation shop allows you to take control yourself. Our translation platform is set up as a self-service, but we’re just a click away to help you.

Our platform is a professional translation agency in an appealing package. Easily calculate your costs yourself and upload a glossary. Curious about the progress of the translation? All our translators work in our software that keeps track in real-time of how far they are with translating your texts – isn’t that simple?

Immediate cost estimate


A business service without unexpected costs afterwards? The translation platform automatically calculates the price for the translation and the discount you get on the project due to repetitions in the text. This way, you always have a clear picture of the costs in advance. You can have this sent to you as a quote to discuss it.

With us, you buy translation credit. You can use this credit to purchase translation services on the platform. You can top up the credit in advance or after creating your project. We work together with Adyen, which allows you to pay using various payment methods.

Seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools

Our software can be directly linked to various
platforms to make translating even easier.

CCV Shop

or connect your own systems with our API

Curious about the translation platform?

We'd be happy to give you a demonstration and share our experience about which processes and services best meet the needs of your business.