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The features in our platform are there for you to accelerate your international steps. With a simple flick of a switch, you can enable these features to produce translations or multilingual content.

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There are many different services available for creating multilingual content. You can translate the source, use the source as inspiration to create something with AI, or generate a translation with AI that stays close to the source. All these processes are integrated into our platform.

Behind these processes, there’s human work. Our project managers oversee all projects, and we continuously analyze whether the services we deliver are of good quality. The combination of human work, AI solutions as NMT or LLM, ensures that you are quickly provided with good multilingual content.

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Terminology or SEO keywords

Use the right words to be better understood or found.

Create your own glossary with ease

Consistent use of words creates clarity in your organization, for your website visitor, and for your online visibility. The conclusion is drawn, you need to ensure that the right terms are used throughout your business operations, and we have the solution for that.

Our glossary helps you to give the translator or machine the instructions that certain terminology should be used. The glossary contains an overview of terms that match in different languages. Our smart software ensures that the translator gets these instructions in our CAT and the AI ensures that these are consistently applied.

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We'd be happy to give you a demonstration and share our experience about which processes and services best meet the needs of your business.