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LLM translations

LLM (Large Language Model) is a language model that has been trained to understand and generate based on large amounts of text. LLM translations use artificial intelligence and deep learning to understand meaning and context, and often produce more accurate and coherent translations than traditional machine translations. LLMs are also better able to handle complex sentences and professional jargon. In our translation platform, you can work with parameters that determine the output.

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Choosing LLM translations speeds up your time-to-market within your budget. The speed at which content can be produced on the platform is faster than you can say ‘simply translate’.

With an LLM translation, you can choose not to engage a translator. However, in many cases that may still be desirable, especially because readers can be put off by unprofessional language use or inaccuracies that an LLM can produce. In our platform, in addition to generating content, you have the option to choose a proofreader: a native speaker who reads everything carefully and corrects if necessary!

In our platform, you can indicate with which tone of voice and certain parameters you want the texts to be created. Should the texts be written informally or rather commercially? The LLM uses your source as a basis and our proofreader checks the texts for content. For more freedom in translations, an LLM supports the translators.


Smart technology that is also user-friendly: there are only a few mouse clicks between the quote and the translation.


A revolutionary platform built by translation experts to simplify the translation process for customers and translators.


Thanks to the crossfunctions, you can make all kinds of useful links between platforms and the invoicing runs automatically.

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