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Software translation services

Translation and software are nowadays inextricably linked. However, choosing the best translation software for translating software is quite a task. The amount of providers and options is overwhelming, and the monthly costs can add up. After years of struggling with translating software, we decided to use software to make the translation process more efficient. Many of our customers are looking for the best translation software and the best translation services. We have brought these together in our translation platform. However, it’s not just about the best translation software and the quality translations we make with it. We also think along with you about the bigger picture of the translation process, so that you spend as little as possible on overhead costs.

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Here you will discover everything you need to know about the services and expertise that a translation agency has to offer for translating your software. We discuss the different translation services and the unique advantages of our translation agency in leveraging technology to translate your SaaS.

Next-level software translation services

At Simply Translate, translation
and software go hand in hand

At Simply Translate, translation and software go hand in hand In the first place, we provide translations. We complement this service with software. From experience, we know that many companies do not want to deal with CAT-tools themselves and do not have time to manage their translation projects or oversee collaboration with freelance translators. Therefore, we offer you a ready-made translation process, including the best translation software, all in the form of a translation platform. You can connect this to your own system via a connector or API and automatically supply the texts to be translated.

Best translation software for efficient and clear process

Translating software is a complex process. Many customers need a professional and efficient provider to handle this for them. That’s why we’ve combined software translation services and software in our translation platform, the best translation software to take the work off your hands. When you engage us to translate your software, you can sit back and relax. At our office in the heart of Amsterdam, an international team of linguists and technicians closely monitor whether everything is running smoothly.

So, are we a translation agency or a technology company? Both! Behind the scenes, our well-oiled machine is driven by language experts, software developers, and project managers. When we translate your software, our technicians provide the best translation software, the project managers ensure that your project is picked up and completed well, and the language professionals guarantee the quality of the translations. We have consciously not automated the human aspect of this entire process because it too often goes wrong in practice.

Through our platform, you can easily request the services you want. If you opt for a human translation – for example, for an extensive zendesk document – the native speaker that best matches your project will immediately start working on your text. You can also choose an AI translation, for example, if you only want to translate a few lines into as many as thirty languages. After you have made your choice, you can follow the progress of the translation live in the overview and provide feedback where necessary. This way, you can be sure that your translation is exactly as you want it.

Seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools

Our software can be directly linked to various
platforms to make translating even easier.

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These projects we
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These projects we
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Working round the clock

Ordering software translations in our translation platform

Every project is different and requires a different approach. Therefore, the process of software translation can be designed in different ways:

  1. Start your project in no time: through the order form on our translation platform, you can easily create an account, choose the desired service, calculate the price, and set us to work immediately.
  2. Create an account on the chosen translation platform. Take care of the connection of your software with our translation platform yourself and get a clear cost overview right away.
  3. Engage our expertise if the process is too complex for you. This can be done via the order form, the contact form, or via the chat in our platform. We’d be happy to show you how our platform works, what the technical possibilities are, and how to best shape your translation process.

Simple, but revolutionary

Every situation is different, we like to make the most out of that situation. We like to think along with you at different stages. You can approach us if you are unsure which software solution to choose to load content in and out of Github. It could be that you have already chosen software, and you just want a reliable party to assist you with translations. In all cases, we like to think along with you and can connect with or work with this software.

This is how we do it!

Process and prices

The most time is wasted with trying to fit and measure. That’s why we ensure that you spend as little time as possible preparing your translation. With us, you know exactly where you stand when you have your content, webshop, or manual translated and with the help of a simple step-by-step plan, you can set your translation process in motion in no time. That step-by-step plan looks like this:

Growth hacking tool

Translate your software

Most people know a decent word of English. We are therefore not easily put off by a language barrier, not even when we are looking for a certain software product. However, if comparable software is available in any other language, that’s quite handy. Especially when you consider that your colleagues – and thus potential customers – are not too keen on learning to handle new software. A version with their native language can considerably lower that hurdle. All the more reason to translate your software and make it available in the languages of your target group.

Another great advantage of having your software translated is that you spend less time helping customers who don’t understand how the software works exactly. We as software developers with an international team understand that better than anyone. Even as a language professional – or as a technician – the operation of software can sometimes be difficult to understand if it is not described in your native language. That’s why we recommend translating your Zendesk helpdesk.

We have the answers.

Gitlab, Zendesk, Emails, Website(s), you name it. Your content is everywhere, and how do you keep an overview? We can therefore imagine that you have questions before you get started. Below you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive about translating software.

Is the use of your translation platform free of charge?

Absolutely! This advanced technology is included in the price of our translation services. And the great thing is that we also offer competitive rates within the industry.

Can AI translations match what human translators achieve?

While AI translations have significantly improved in recent years and can be impressively accurate in many cases, it is important to emphasize that they are not always as good as human translators. AI translations are mainly suitable for quickly and efficiently translating simple and everyday texts.

Human translators, on the other hand, have a better understanding of context, culture, nuances, humor, and idioms, which is essential for delivering accurate and quality translations, particularly for complex or specialized texts. While AI translations can be a useful tool, human expertise often remains indispensable for ensuring the highest quality and accuracy in translation work.

How do you implement specific terminology?

If you want to implement specific terminology in your texts, you choose a human translator who will write the texts based on your terms or keywords. For this, we use the glossary function of our software. Do you want to know exactly how this works? Then check out our page with more information about the translation platform.

How does your API work?

A long story for a short question. Follow this link for detailed information about our API. There you will also read how you can contact our technical department. Do you have big international ambitions and does content need to be translated in multiple systems? Let us know, and we would be happy to schedule a preliminary meeting to guide your project in the right direction.

What is the difference between human and AI translations?

For AI translations, we use the latest techniques (in the field of translation tools) to convert your content into another language. Depending on the language combination and the topic, a mediocre to good result will emerge. With a human translation, you can always assume a result that is ready to show to the world.

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