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Translation API

An API connection offers numerous benefits. It’s a solid solution for your company’s translation processes, reducing the chance of errors and enabling you to effortlessly maintain multiple CMS in various languages and keep them up-to-date.

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Useful features of a translation API

Here are the most notable advantages when opting for an API connection with translation services:

  • Seamless connection to our translation platform
  • Eliminate time-consuming cutting and pasting of texts
  • Clear insight into all your translation assignments
  • Easy selection of content to be translated
  • Maintain the HTML layout of your web pages
  • Flexibility to choose your preferred supplier
  • Translated texts immediately integrated back into your environment
  • Individual support during the connection and translation process

For full control over
the translation process

We highly recommend using an API when multiple CMS need to be kept up-to-date.

Keeping track of which texts have already been translated and which haven’t can be a challenge often overlooked. It’s a time-consuming task to find where the texts to be translated are located. That’s why we offer you a translation platform that manages this for you, making the process simpler and eliminating the need to search every corner to determine if something has already been translated or not. The API neatly communicates this and ensures you get an overview of what is being translated.

Seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools

Our software can be directly linked to various
platforms to make translating even easier.

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or connect your own systems with our API

We are happy to share our knowledge

Fast realization of
an API connection

When implementing an API connection, it’s important to carefully consider the setup of the translation process and who has control at what time. Or would you prefer to automatically forward everything and make decisions in our translation platform?

We would be happy to invite you for a no-obligation conversation to discover which process best suits your company and which services align with the goals you have in mind. Our team consists of language experts, tech-savvy professionals, and marketing connoisseurs. Don’t hesitate to share your ideas!

Ready to get started with our API?

Our translation platform is designed with an API-first approach, offering numerous possibilities to send data your way! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of our technical experts.

We’re here to help

Custom solutions for
every organization

We are convinced of international success for every organization, and therefore we are ready to support you in seamlessly integrating your website or webshop (CMS) with our translation platform.

If you have large amounts of text that you want to have translated simply and quickly with just a few mouse clicks, feel free to contact us.

Questions? Dennis is happy to help!

Call: +31 20 737 1668

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Curious about the translation platform?

We'd be happy to give you a demonstration and share our experience about which processes and services best meet the needs of your business.