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Connectors & options

In split second, you can make direct connections with different platforms or handy solutions to translate CMS systems. Or would you like to connect your systems to our extensive API? Read below how you can connect or translate your CMS and start working immediately on our translation platform.

Questions? Dennis is happy to help!

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We have built a fully automated ordering process for you to translate your Lightspeed webshop.


Through different apps, you can have your Wordpress website translated by us with the translation platform.

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Would you like to easily translate your products from MyOnlineStore with a standard API connection?

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Adobe Commerce

Effortlessly connect your webshop with our translation platform via a handy app in the marketplace.

CCV Shop

As one of our first partners, we are available in the app store of CCV Shop as a plug-in.

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Connect your InRiver PIM with our translation platform. Streamline your translation process.


For Shopware, we have a plugin and other solutions to translate the webshop.


Would you rather have a professional party translate via a connection in Transifex?

Connect your CMS
to our translation platform
in seconds

We like to keep it Simply! If we see a lot of interest from the same CMS, we are happy to create a standardized connection. In all situations, we enter into a partnership with the relevant provider and ensure that you can find our app in the app store.

For the real pros

Robust API
for any website
or software

Our translation platform may seem simple, but appearances can be deceiving. We have worked hard for many years to make everything API-first so that you can connect easily! Discover the options for connections and reading out content, and schedule a conversation with one of our specialists to find out all about it!

Curious about the translation platform?

We'd be happy to give you a demonstration and share our experience about which processes and services best meet the needs of your business.