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NMT Translations

The technology for machine translations has existed for decades, but in recent years, the development has taken off. Neural Machine Translations is the most advanced form of machine translation. Awkward sentences from Google Translate are a thing of the past. With deep learning technology, a translation is formed based on trained datasets that is significantly better than a standard translation machine. With us, you get the best the market has to offer at any given time.

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The choice to work with machine translations accelerates your time-to-market within your budget. The speed at which content can be produced on the platform is faster than you can say ‘simply translate’.

In the case of a machine translation, there is no human intervention. In some cases, this is desirable, partly because readers can drop out due to unprofessional language use by the machine translation. In our platform, in addition to the machine translation, there is therefore the option to choose for post-editing, a native speaker reads everything again and corrects where necessary!

You may be thinking, how do I make the decision to have something translated by a machine, post-editing or completely human translation? Ask yourself what the goal is of translating the content. The more important the content and the more people read it, the more reason to invest in a good translation.


Smart technology that is also user-friendly: there are only a few mouse clicks between the quote and the translation.


A revolutionary platform built by translation experts to simplify the translation process for customers and translators.


Thanks to the crossfunctions, you can make all kinds of useful links between platforms and the invoicing runs automatically.

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