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German translation services

As a translation agency headquartered in Europe, we excel in providing German translation services. As one of the most significant and innovative agencies on the continent, we aid various global corporations located in our capital, Amsterdam, in extending their reach overseas and in Germany. We supply services executed by dependable human translators, or alternatively, you can leverage the latest AI technologies in the language industry through our platform. Just submit a quote request, and we’ll reply within a matter of hours.

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For your ease, we’ve presented an in-depth breakdown of our offerings on this page. However, we’re more than happy to showcase examples of our German translation services, reveal our distinguished clients, and provide a visual tour of our translation platform. You’re welcome to discover more without any obligations!

Professional German translations

How we made ordering
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At Simply Translate, we equally distribute our efforts between language and technology. We firmly believe that these two aspects are intrinsically intertwined, which puts us in a unique position as both a translation agency and a tech company. This dual identity allows us to provide premium German translation services worldwide, using a trustworthy network of human translators, with the option of implementing AI in the translation process.

What differentiates us from many major global translation agencies? Our distinct advantages are our in-house technological capabilities, the efficient processes that enable direct collaboration with our translators instead of resorting to subcontractors, and the flexibility to customize our services to fit your specific needs. We achieve all these without shackling you to an obsolete translation platform or restrictive contract. We could be your bridge to Europe!

How do we execute German translation services?

Do you need your website, documents, or other forms of content translated into German? We commit to preserving the accurate usage of terminology, the tone of voice, and the consistency throughout all your written texts. By harnessing the power of technology, we aid our translators in maintaining consistent and superior quality results.

Are you engaged in a procurement process, or marketing a premium service or product for the German market? In these situations, we recommend you choose our professional service, entirely handled by a human translator. Regard this service as an investment towards achieving your desired outcome. The most reliable path to success lies in entrusting a professional.

We have been working with AI in the language industry for a considerable period—more so than in many other sectors. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that we can provide a broad array of AI solutions and conceive our processes in terms of machine learning and datasets. This technology equips us to deliver German translation services efficiently, leading to reduced costs and swifter turnarounds.

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These projects are
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Converting your content into German

Our German translation services are not a uniform solution for all. Hence, we offer diverse approaches tailored to your requirements:

  1. Initiate a project with us without a hitch. Just proceed with the instructions on the order form and set up an account on our translation platform. This empowers you to select your service, ascertain the cost, and activate our work with merely a few clicks.
  2. At times, your document may involve intricate formatting or a host of particular instructions, modifications, and annotations. If this is the scenario, simply let us know through the quote form, and one of our experts will examine your material and provide a quote.
  3. Are you puzzled about how to translate multiple kinds of content, like websites, systems, manuals, software, and more? Just arrange a demo with us or reach out to our sales team via our contact form. We’re keen to navigate you through all the possibilities.

Simple yet transformative

Managing translations can seem daunting, but at Simply Translate, we’ve simplified the complexity to make your experience seamless. Our platform allows you to effortlessly track the estimated delivery time of your translations, ensuring transparency at all times. Both your translation files and financial data will always be readily accessible on our platform.

This is how we do it!

Process and pricing

Adhering to the concept of “Measure twice, cut once,” our goal is to minimize the time you invest in setting up for German translation services. With us, you immediately comprehend what the task entails when translating your documents, software or website. Thanks to an uncomplicated step-by-step guide, your translation project can be initiated swiftly. Pricing is immediately computed on our translation platform. Here’s a rundown of the procedure:

Useful to know!

Simply Stories

Throughout our years of offering German translation services to a plethora of international companies, we’ve faced all possible hurdles. Guided by our belief, “knowledge shared is knowledge squared,” we’re keen to offer you an insider’s view. In our Simply Stories, we illuminate potential obstacles and intriguing elements you may encounter while translating your corporate content into German.

We have the answers.

Embarking on a German translation journey? It’s natural to have queries before you kick off. Here, we’ve addressed the most frequently asked questions related to our German translation services.

What do translations costs?

The cost of translation can vary greatly depending on your specific needs. Our algorithm can handle the task, or you can opt for a review of the results. Alternatively, a human translator can ensure the job is done perfectly. Depending on these variables and the type of text, the cost can range from $0.01 to $0.20 per word. Fortunately, you can automatically calculate this using our quotation form.

Is the use of your translation platform free?

Absolutely! This advanced technology is included in the price of our translation services. And the beautiful thing is that we also maintain competitive rates within the industry.

Can AI translations match what human translators achieve?

Can AI translations match what human translators achieve? While AI translations have significantly improved in recent years and can be impressively accurate in many cases, it’s important to emphasize that they aren’t always as good as human translators. AI translations are especially suitable for quickly and efficiently translating simple and everyday texts.

On the other hand, human translators have a better understanding of context, culture, nuances, humor, and idioms, which is essential for delivering accurate and high-quality translations, especially for complex or specialized texts. While AI translations can be a useful tool, human expertise often remains indispensable for ensuring the highest quality and precision in translation work.

How is terminology applied?

If you wish to incorporate specific terminology into your texts, choose a human translator. They will craft the texts based on your specified terms or keywords. To facilitate this, we utilize the glossary feature of our software. Want to learn more about how this works? Visit our page for detailed information on the translation platform.

How does your API work?

A long story for a short question. Follow this link for detailed information about our API. There you will also read how to get in touch with our technical department. Do you have big international ambitions and need to translate content in multiple systems? Let us know, and we are happy to schedule an exploratory conversation to guide your project smoothly.

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