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AI translations

NMT (Neural Machine Translation) and LLM (Language Model) translations are both techniques used for automatic translations. We explain the difference to you and when it makes sense to choose an NMT or LLM model for automatic translations. This gives you a good idea of what is most suitable for your translation project.

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Choosing to work with automatic translations speeds up your time-to-market within your budget. The speed at which content can be produced on the platform is faster than you can say ‘simply translate’.

NMT is a way to translate texts using computers. These computers try to mimic the way humans deal with language. As a result, they can change texts from one language to another. NMT computers are good at understanding what texts mean, and this results in translations that read naturally and smoothly. But this technique is not always perfect. Sometimes they struggle with complicated texts or texts about very specific topics.

LLM is a type of computer program that helps understand and create texts. It learns this by reading a lot of texts. LLM translations use smart algorithms and deep learning to better understand what texts mean and how they relate. As a result, they are often more precise and clearer than other translation computers. LLMs can also handle complicated sentences and difficult words better.

In short: NMT is a way to translate texts by mimicking the way people deal with language, while LLM is a more advanced computer program that uses smart computer brains and deep learning. The results can be extremely good, but sometimes quite off. Both ways have good and less good sides, depending on how difficult the text is and how precise the translation needs to be. We can help you choose the best option for your situation.

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NMT translations

Why make things difficult when it can be Simply done? Neural machine translations are automatic translation systems that use deep neural networks to translate text between different languages with high accuracy.

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LLM translations

LLM translations (Large Language Models) are translation systems based on advanced AI models that accurately translate texts between different languages. You determine the result with parameters.

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