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Dutch translation services

As a Netherlands-based translation agency, we specialize in Dutch translation services. Standing amongst the largest and most innovative agencies in the Netherlands, we assist numerous international companies based in our capital city with their expansion efforts abroad. We offer services rendered by trustworthy human translators, or you can opt to engage the latest AI technologies in the language industry through our platform. Simply submit a quote request, and we’ll respond to you within a few hours.

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For your convenience, we’ve provided a detailed layout of our services on this page. Nonetheless, we’d be delighted to share examples of our Dutch translation services, display our notable clientele, and offer visuals of our translation platform. Feel free to explore without any commitments!

Professional Dutch translations

How do we make your life simple?

At Simply Translate, we dedicate equal time to language and technology. We believe that these two elements are intrinsically linked, positioning us as a tech company in addition to being a translation agency. This dual approach enables us to deliver top-tier Dutch translation services globally, utilizing a dependable network of human translators, with the optional integration of AI for translations.

What sets us apart from the large, international translation agencies? Our distinguishing factors lie in our in-house tech capabilities, streamlined processes that allow us to directly work with translators without the need for subcontractors, and the adaptability to tailor our solutions to your needs, all without confining you to an outdated translation platform or strangulation contract. We have the potential to be your gateway to Europe!

How do we provide Dutch translation services?

Are you looking to translate your website, documents, or other content into Dutch? We ensure the accurate usage of terminology, tone of voice, and consistency across all your written materials. By leveraging technology, we assist our translators in achieving consistent and high-quality results.

Are you in the midst of a procurement process, or marketing a high-end service or product for the Dutch market? In such cases, we advise opting for our professional service, completely managed by a human translator. Consider this service as an investment towards the goal you’re striving for. The best odds of success are through reliance on a professional.

In the language sector, we’ve been utilizing AI for a significant amount of time—more so than many other industries. Therefore, it’s not surprising that we offer a comprehensive range of AI solutions and conceptualize in terms of machine learning and datasets. This technology empowers us to produce Dutch translation services efficiently, resulting in lower costs and faster delivery times.

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These projects we
celebrated with bubbles

These projects we
celebrated with bubbles

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Translating your content into Dutch

Our Dutch translation services aren’t a one-size-fits-all. Therefore, we provide various options to suit your needs:

  1. Kick off a project with us effortlessly. Just follow the steps on the order form and establish an account on our translation platform. This allows you to choose your service, compute the cost, and set us in motion with just a few clicks.
  2. In some cases, your document might include complex formatting or an abundance of specific instructions, alterations, and notes. If that’s the case, just inform us via the quote form, and one of our specialists will review your content and provide an estimate.
  3. Trying to work out how to translate a variety of content types, such as websites, systems, manuals, software, and more? Simply schedule a demo with us or get in touch with our sales team via our contact form. We’re eager to walk you through the full range of options.

Simple yet revolutionary

Managing translations can be a complex process, but at Simply Translate, we’ve already decoded this complexity, aiming to keep you hassle-free. You can easily monitor the expected delivery time of your translations on our platform, keeping you in the loop at all times. Both your translations and your financial information will always be readily available on our platform.

Which steps will you take on?

Process and prices

Applying the principle of “Measure twice, cut once,” we aim to significantly reduce your preparatory time for Dutch translation services. With us, you get an instant grasp of the task at hand when translating your documents, software or website. With an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, you can launch your translation project without delay. Pricing is instantaneously calculated on our translation platform. Here’s how the process works:

Good to know!

Simply Stories

Over the years of providing Dutch translations for numerous international businesses, we’ve encountered every conceivable challenge. Keeping true to our motto, “knowledge shared is knowledge squared,” we’re eager to give you a behind-the-scenes look. Through our Simply Stories, we shed light on the potential hitches and puzzling aspects you might face when translating your content into Dutch for your corporation.

We have the answers.

Translating content to Dutch? We can imagine that you have questions before you get started. Below you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive about Dutch translation services.

What does translation cost?

The cost of translation can vary greatly depending on your specific needs. Our algorithm can handle the task, or you can opt for a review of the results. Alternatively, a human translator can ensure the job is done perfectly. Depending on these variables and the type of text, the cost can range from $0.01 to $0.20 per word. Fortunately, you can automatically calculate this using our quotation form.

Is the use of your translation platform free?

Absolutely! This advanced technology is included in the price of our translation services. And the beautiful thing is that we also maintain competitive rates within the industry.

Can AI translations match what human translators achieve?

Can AI translations match what human translators achieve? While AI translations have significantly improved in recent years and can be impressively accurate in many cases, it’s important to emphasize that they aren’t always as good as human translators. AI translations are especially suitable for quickly and efficiently translating simple and everyday texts.

On the other hand, human translators have a better understanding of context, culture, nuances, humor, and idioms, which is essential for delivering accurate and high-quality translations, especially for complex or specialized texts. While AI translations can be a useful tool, human expertise often remains indispensable for ensuring the highest quality and precision in translation work.

How is terminology applied?

If you wish to incorporate specific terminology into your texts, choose a human translator. They will craft the texts based on your specified terms or keywords. To facilitate this, we utilize the glossary feature of our software. Want to learn more about how this works? Visit our page for detailed information on the translation platform.

How does your API work?

A long story for a short question. Follow this link for detailed information about our API. There you will also read how to get in touch with our technical department. Do you have big international ambitions and need to translate content in multiple systems? Let us know, and we are happy to schedule an exploratory conversation to guide your project smoothly.

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