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Website translation services

Looking for a way to present your business internationally? By translating your site, we ensure that customers from abroad can find you effortlessly. With a modest investment, website translation services can elevate your site and speak to a world of new potential customers.

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Establishing business connections with foreign customers is now a piece of cake. Logistically, sending products or delivering website translation services abroad is usually not a problem.

Moreover, reviews and online verification programs provide insight into the reliability of companies that deliver online services. Translating your website offers countless benefits. Of course, you want foreign visitors to your site to take action or make contact. You achieve this with a professional and accurate website translation services. A native speaker is uniquely capable of writing an appealing text for your target group, because you only make a first impression once.

Multiple benefits of translating your site

Have you already done some research into site translation? Then you probably know that 75% of visitors prefer websites in their own language. If the site is not available in their language, 55% of people leave your website immediately after entering. This leads to a high bounce rate and lower organic visibility in Google. With a Dutch site, you reach only about 0.003% of the world’s population. If you look at English, for example, you can reach 20% of the world’s population. Our tip? Investigate in which market your product or service will have the most success. Have your website translated into German, English, or French, for example.


Smart technology that is also user-friendly: there are only a few clicks between the quote and the translation.


A revolutionary platform built by translation experts to make the translation process easier for customers and translators.


Thanks to the cross-functions, you can make all kinds of handy links between platforms and the billing process is automatic.

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Translating the Gate1 website into Spanish, Italian and Polish

Read in this case how we made the website of Gate1 accessible to millions of visitors at home and abroad.

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Our golden rule: translators work in their native language. We have found that an authentic result can only be achieved by engaging a native speaker who knows the nuances of their mother tongue. All our translators go through a strict selection process and only website translate within their own field of expertise and interest. Thanks to our smart software, they can process texts quickly and efficiently. This automates many redundant processes, which means you pay less for translating your site. Our account managers and language experts also monitor and maintain the quality of the translations, so you can confidently place the translation on your site.

When translating your site, it is important to know what the purpose of your translation is. Which audience do you want to address and which action do you want to encourage when they visit your site? Is your goal to inform the customer, or do you want to convince them to purchase your service or product? The way we shape the text can be decisive in your visitor’s decision to become a customer. This can have more influence than you might initially think. We would like to hear your wishes in advance, so that we can work purposefully when you pick the matching website translation services.

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