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SEO translation for visibility

To score well internationally with search engines, an SEO translation is essential. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines need to be able to index your website optimally to display your web pages high in the search results. Simply Translate provides custom SEO translations. We ensure that the right SEO elements are translated into the desired language to achieve a higher position in search engines.

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SEO Translation,
Including your keywords.

With our expertise in various fields, we know exactly what is needed for a successful SEO translation. We take into account different elements that are crucial for an optimal SEO assessment. Depending on your wishes, you provide us with the keywords that the translators need to incorporate in the translations, or you upload your keywords in the glossary in our translation platform. If desired, we can also perform an additional SEO keyword research for the language in which you want to translate the website.

SEO Translations with Included Metadata

In addition to translating the texts on your website, it is essential to also translate the metadata. Metadata consists of extra information about the web page. We ensure that all elements are translated according to the guidelines, such as paying attention to the maximum length of the title and meta description. The result is a completely and optimally translated website for the international market.

At Simply Translate, we work with experienced SEO translators. Our specialists know what is needed to deliver quality translations for the international market. With the help of a keyword list, they incorporate the keywords in the translated texts in the correct way, resulting in optimized, search engine-friendly pages. Optionally, we can use AI solutions to incorporate the keywords in all your texts.

Simply Translate Supports You with Excellent SEO Translations

We provide SEO translations for every online organization, whether you want to have a few or hundreds of web pages translated. We inventory your wishes, provide advice on the most suitable solution, select the best SEO translator for your project and ensure that you stay closely involved in the translation process.

Do you want to continue optimizing your SEO translations? Then it is advisable to periodically have your SEO translations checked at Simply Translate. To achieve higher positions in search engines, optimizing your web pages is a continuous process. We are also happy to assist you during this process.


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A revolutionary platform built by translation experts to make the translation process easier for customers and translators.


Thanks to the cross-functions, you can make all kinds of handy links between platforms and the billing process is automatic.

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Translating the TIX.nl website into Spanish, Italian and Polish

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Get started with people or AI

A technical masterpiece
to translate content for SEO

At Simply Translate, we make optimal use of technological tools to streamline our translation process. By the synergy between our intelligent software, internal experts, and linguists, we optimize technical translations. With the help of software, we ensure that our systems and language specialists are provided with the correct terms so that your research is carried out in the right way.

After helping thousands of customers translate their websites, we can make an accurate estimate. For SEO translation of texts, we recommend choosing a human translation service. When placing an order on our platform, expectations are already shared regarding the turnaround time. If you want our professionals to work a few extra hours at night, please contact us through the quotation form.

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