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CCV Shop

A back-end translated into French for their new target market.

CCV Shop is a provider of webshop services with a comprehensive solution for POS & e-commerce. This product is ideally suited for international markets.

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About CCV Shop

CCV Shop is a webshop provider that offers a complete solution to set up a webshop. Using an extensive platform, users can set the layout, payment options, and online marketing. Moreover, CCV Shop offers various integrations with payment systems, comparison sites, marketing tools, and logistic software.

CCV Shop’s wish

A user-friendly back-end
for French-speaking users

As an official partner of CCV Shop, Simply Translate has already done a lot of translation work for customers of CCV Shop (with the Simply Translate App).

However, a request came from CCV Shop itself. They wanted to make their customer portal more accessible to French-speaking users. Therefore, they wanted to have their entire back-end translated into French. This involved a total of 80,000 words. It was essential that the texts were translated efficiently, without a lot of cutting and pasting.

The approach during this project

Expert native translators and additional
proofreaders for optimal translation

The back-end (customer portal) of CCV Shop consists of various web pages in which texts and words are spread out. This includes buttons, labels, input fields, and text descriptions at different sections.

To translate all these words and texts efficiently, we received a CSV file from CCV Shop. Using our software, we separated the web codes from the texts. Then our French translators could immediately start translating the different texts and words.

The end result

Uniform translations ready for implementation

Thanks to our software, the translators were able to translate the texts in a professional manner within two months.

The result was a French CSV file that could be uploaded directly to the back-end of CCV Shop. The organization didn’t need to carry out any additional actions, such as cutting and pasting texts. By uploading the file, already provided with the used web codes, CCV Shop had an accessible platform for French-speaking users at once. With the French customer portal, CCV Shop now reaches a larger audience, thereby being able to expand its market reach.

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