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6 Content Tips for Your Social Media

Social media are perfect channels to create an online community.…
June 7, 2016/by Milou Buiter

5 Best Practices Of Handling Customer Complaints on Social Media

Social media gives businesses a chance to interact with their…
June 2, 2016/by Milou Buiter
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5 Reasons Your Site Needs Live Chat

Often while online shopping, customers have questions about products…
May 31, 2016/by Milou Buiter
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7 Epic Customer Service Stories

We all love reading stories about epic customer service saves.…
May 26, 2016/by Milou Buiter

How to handle angry customers on social media

Social media is a wonderful tool to promote your business, build…
May 24, 2016/by Milou Buiter

Major Social Media Mistakes

Social media is a powerful tool. When used correctly, it can…
May 19, 2016/by Milou Buiter
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How to Be a Hit on Social Media

Being relevant to your followers means more than personalizing…
May 17, 2016/by Milou Buiter
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Doing Webcare Well

Social media has been so quickly integrated into our society,…
May 12, 2016/by Milou Buiter
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7 Reasons to use Social Media for Customer Service

The rise of social media has given way to some unlikely uses…
May 10, 2016/by Milou Buiter
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Keeping Marketing Personal with Automation

From Spotify to Netflix, Amazon to Yelp24, the world is becoming…
May 3, 2016/by Milou Buiter
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The 5 Essential Emails for Marketing Automation

One of the most important tactical parts of your strategy is…
April 28, 2016/by Milou Buiter

The 7 Common Offences of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation: this platform holds great promise, offering…
April 26, 2016/by Milou Buiter